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The defense attorney was pleased by the verdict.

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She's not at home now.


The family dined together.

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If I were you, I'd put the money in a bank.

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I will explain to him until he understands.


I hope this isn't a mistake.

The necessity of education came home to me.

Roxana said Marsha was wrong.

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My very educated mother just showed us nine planets.

Tell her I don't want to go.

Someone should do something about that.

Don't associate with such people.

Perry's post-operative abdominal pain was caused by the surgeon leaving a surgical instrument inside her.


You must not take liberties with older people.

Sandip has found something.

Myanmar is ruled by a military dictatorship.

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We've sent the invitations yesterday.

But it smells strange.

People were even encouraged to play football.


Our success was due in part to good luck.


I suppose I'm going to find out.

Mr Smith hasn't turned up yet though he promised to come.

He became very dangerous.

I want you to tell me that's not true.

Yesterday we had a good evening with my brothers and friends, and a very nice barbecue.

Today, foreign relations and domestic affairs are in close contact.

Sachiko always said: "You'd better set some money aside in case you get sick."

Ole got into trouble.

Between us, he is a little foolish.

Don't you want to say anything?

Lois isn't generous.


This is Luca's car.

May I suggest another hotel?

He will be missed.

They must be happy.

What is Rudolph's girlfriend's name?

It's time to leave for school.

We all want Pravin to be successful.

A crowd gathered around.

I have a niece. She goes to the same school as Carisa.

We may have to leave early.

Olof was brought up by his aunt and uncle.

Srinivasan has been sick a lot recently.

The subsistence farmer grew so little that there was no room for leftovers.

So how did it go with Lyndon?

It happened so long ago.

Many great men went through hardship during their youth.

Although her parents had said no for a long time, they finally let her go to Europe alone.

You may have it for nothing.

He looked for a place in which to sleep.

She killed time going around the shops.

It seldom snows here in the winter.


All art is quite useless.

Tanya showed up 30 minutes late.

Nathaniel has a tight schedule.

I intend to study abroad in America next year.

The day turned out fine after all.

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Edgar retweeted Doyle's post.

Where did you take these pictures?

She is a Wiccan.

What do you make of my pie?

It's very risky.

You have been missing all these years.

Janet and I ate lunch together.


Sarah loved you very much.

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My boyfriend has a lot of female friends.


What is the most read book in the world?

Kyle was the only one who was unhappy.

He is adequate for the post.

Can you write?

I have a patient who's in a lot of pain.

We'll share our food with them.

I was caught in a shower and got drenched to the skin.

She got her brother to walk the dog.

Daryl is a man of few words.


The entrance examination was of rare difficulty.

Carisa knew where Suyog wanted to eat.

We should let them have a moment alone.

Myron hasn't been answering his phone.

The sun was shining, yet it was cold.

The butcher cut up the calf's carcass.

Panzer isn't a good driver.

A name indicating something far away or in distant memory.

I don't see why I am in a bad humor this morning.

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What job did they offer you?

What happened on the bus?

Unless you stop fighting, I'll call the police.

I'm just making sure we're safe.

I usually go to school by bicycle.

Okay, let's go.

I just started crying.

Beware of frostbite!

I'm not interested in hearing any more of your theories.

I think I lost my wallet.

I'd be disappointed if you didn't come to my party.


You have good instincts.

How did Donna know about this?

I'm gonna make my first mischief.

It's hard to keep up with you.

I am a student at Hyogo University.


Nathaniel wanted proof.

It's likely Darci knows Suu's phone number.

My house is near her house.


Tomorrow, we will face the enemies.


Michiel left his car in the long-stay car park before catching his flight.


We met Lenora here.

It looks like you also want to buy it for Theresa.

Just do what you have to do.

When I saw my uncle yesterday, he told me that he had returned from London three days before.

Let me see your prescription.


If you don't want to get into a mess, don't say anything bad about Rudolf and Renu.

I don't know how to stop it.

Are you saying you don't want to go to Hiroyuki's party?

It's impossible to tell what she really believes.

He likes it when I do that.

I feel pretty confident.

My name appears last in alphabetical order.

This is the highest tower in Japan.

I don't want to look at him.

I just hope Charles doesn't get too close.

What was Hughes doing up there anyway?

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Roland is really a good guy.

Call him up if you want him.

Arne didn't want to wait.

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He was jogging down the beach.


Trying has to do that before Monday.

I don't know how Cole went to Boston.

Neil hasn't been sick in a long time.

I'm doing it in spite of you.

The man has no house to live in.


Derek cannot have done such a thing.

I had to tell him myself.

Elaine thought that the picture hanging above the fireplace might be worth a lot of money.

What happened to the money?

I plan to go skiing with my girlfriend.


Grandmother believes that Chinese medicines are the best.

Hirofumi's voice is unmistakable.

Do you want to watch the baseball game on TV?


The crowd began to chant.

He does not have any relatives at all.

I wouldn't have worried about that.

My father is retiring next spring.

That's what we've always used.

Jingbai might be right after all.

He has run out of energy.


I don't call this a spider; I would call it a monster.

Americans were shocked and afraid.

Sergei poisoned himself.

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Everyone is an entrepreneur.

Michael has a nice personality.

This restaurant only serves appetizers.

The girl is used to playing all by herself.

I want you to go see the nurse.

I'm going to live my life, with or without her.

Due to the lack of students, the school will be closed at the end of the year.

Obstetrics deals with pregnancy, childbirth, and the postpartum period.

Since PlayStation 2 came out the game software store shelves have bloomed riotously with colorful new titles.


Have you paid your phone bill?

I've been studying in China for ten months.

I'll see what Johnny thinks.

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She was named after her grandmother.

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Kikki and Son didn't know each other until John introduced them.

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Some people can obtain relaxation from reading.