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Social WiFi is Smarter WiFi

We2 is how smart people connect. Log in to Wi-Fi automatically. Discover new places.
See and interact with others nearby–free on your Android or iOs device.

  • Free & Seamless Connectivity

    We2 makes it super easy to connect to Wi-Fi on the go at thousands of We2 and WifiActiva locations. Just download the We2 app, and we’ll take care of the rest. No fees. No more logging in. No more passwords.

  • Social Interaction

    We2 shows you and gives you the opportunity to message the people connected to Wi-Fi where you are or with those who also have the app nearby-even if there is no Wi-Fi connection. See who’s going where. Message a friend you discover is just around the corner. Meet someone new!

  • Local Discovery

    We2 is great way to check out who and what's nearby. Find new and interesting places wherever you go. Get Wi-Fi and special deals!